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Started as a shared workspace for several artists, MESTLAB decided to open their doors for events such as exhibitions, talks and open studios.


MESTLAB consists of the Arnhem based artists in the studio that are looking for connections with the outside world. Other artists, the public, other disciplines. As artists we come together and organize events that combines our own practice.


The organizing artists in MESTLAB:


Joost Hoebe
Rosalie van Oorschot

Lucas Sloot

Barbara Walbrun


collaboration between MESTLAB & Wentelteefjes

a special thanks for Stroomversneller and B53 for all the support!

exhibition, 2019



'WENTELTRAP at B53. A whole month full of art, performance, film, discussion, music, parties and more!


MESTLAB and Wentelteefjes are joining their effort to create an interdisciplinary cultural platform for young artists.

Besides offering an exciting mix of artistic spectacle, we'd like to use this opportunity to investigate the local cultural climate, together with you!


We invite you to join in and watch, listen, talk, dance, drink and enjoy.'



There was an art exhibition, several performances, experimental bands, a video program, theatre, discussion, movie night and music.

Isn't this where we met?

exhibition, 2018


The art scene is changing. Arnhem is looking for new art platforms now that several platforms such as the museum are temporarily closed for renovation, or moving to other places.


There seems to be a gap, which MESTLAB tries to use to provide a pop-up-like platform for the young artists that see opportunities in Arnhem and surroundings.


Just one weekend you could see these artists together in one place:


Janneke Donker

Joost Hoebe

Hessel Josemans

Lowie Koene

Ruben Planting

Robin Preusterink

Aracelly SCheper

Jelle Slof

Lucas Sloot

MESTLAB // open

series of open studios, 2016/2017


'Once upon a time, a long while ago, there was a studio. A beautiful studio with a small paved road to it, accompanied by bushes of rhododendrons with the most amazing set of coloured flowers. In front of the studio there was a white house with a pond next to it. That pond had a fountain in it, the biggest you'd probably ever seen! In this studio, six artists were working night and day to make little works of art, ideas and other stuff.


But why are those artists that busy over there?


Aah! They are working to finally open their studio doors! To finally mix that outside world with the inner one and to see what happens next.


MESTLAB cordially invites you to visit us to the first of our monthly open studios.'