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Lucas Sloot (’88) is a visual artist living and working in Arnhem. His works often are about the relation between people and its nature and surroundings. By copying existing elements, or changing human perspectives to something else he tries to put meaning to the relation itself. By doing this he hopes to achieve more appreciation to what we have. Be more aware of the effects our actions have.

Lucas feels most at home working with woods, varying from small objects to huge constructions. But he also works with digital drawings, video, and other materials when they suit better.



Soundscape (upcoming)

hosted by Entertuinment

group exhibition, 2023, Arnhem


We met where the wind and the rain came together

hosted by Hubert

group exhibition, 2023, Nijmegen


Hoe = het nu

hosted by ACEC

group exhibition, 2023, Apeldoorn



at Kunsttorentjes  / Nieuwe Twentse Kunst

exhibition, 2023, Almelo


Das Wasser flieẞt der Grenze entlang

at circa...dit

exhibition & workperiod, 2023, Arnhem


Tapijttegels & Krokodillentranen

at Galerie de Bibliotheek

group exhibition, 2022, Zelhem


Naar de natuur

at Cultura

group exhibition, 2022, Ede



at circa...dit

group exhibition, 2022, Arnhem


Hoe = het nu

hosted by ACEC & Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst

group exhibition, 2022, Apeldoorn


Geheim Gereedschap

at Baptist

group exhibition & workshop, 2022, Arnhem


Hout, zand, bont & diefstal

hosted by Mestlab31 and POPOP

group exhibition, 2021, Nijmegen



hosted by circa...dit

group exhibition, 2021, Arnhem


Hoe = het nu

hosted by ACEC & Kunstgemaal Bronkhorst

group exhibition, 2021, Apeldoorn /  Bronkhorst



hosted by Mondriaan Fonds

group exhibition, 2021, Rotterdam



hosted by Popop

group exhibition, 2020, Nijmegen


Alles is Hier

hosted by Scarabee

group exhibition, 2020, Arnhem



hosted by Mestlab31 and popuppark026

group exhibition, 2020, Arnhem



hosted by Mestlab31 at circa... dit

group exhibition, 2020, Arnhem



hosted by Mestlab31 & Wentelteefjes at B53

group exhibition, 2019, Arnhem


Isn't this where we met?

hosted by Mestlab31

group exhibition, 2018, Arnhem



supported by Schloss Ringenberg

group exhibition, 2017, Hamminkeln (DE)



series of open studios, 2016, Arnhem/Oosterbeek


MAFF // Young at Art

group exhibition, 2016, Almelo


BEAR Finals

graduation exhibition, 2016, Arnhem



group exhibition, 2015, Arnhem


Aesthetic Naturalism

group exhibition, 2014, Arnhem



group exhibition, 2014, Arnhem



group exhibition, 2013, Arnhem



series of exhibitions, 2013, Arnhem


ArToll Kunstlabor

group exhibition, 2013, Bedburg-Hau (DE)


Kunst op de Koffie

group exhibition, 2013, Arnhem



BIG art fair

at Bijlmer Bajes

art fair, 2022, Amsterdam


Woest & Bijster

site-specific artfestival at Veluwe Park

project in nature reserve

2022, Ede / Otterlo


Nieuwe Veluwe

interview & publication by Neel Diekema, 2022


Isn't this where we met?

a project  commissioned by Voorheen de Gemeente

project in public space

2022, Leeuwarden


Artists for Ukraine

benefit art auction at Eusebius Kerk

2022, Arnhem


Festival Kunststroming

hosted by Krimpener Kunstwaard at Goudasfalt

art festival, 2021, Gouda


Festival De Oversteek

part of Derde Wal programme

art & theatre festival, 2021, Nijmegen


Voor de Gek! Follies in Nederland

publication by Edith Gerritsma & Andrea Hijmans, 2021


Kunstkamer Kraai

work on display, 2020, Nijmegen


HAN Nijmegen

work on display, 2020, Nijmegen


Hashara Al-Fund

supported by Stroomversneller

project in public, 2020, Arnhem


Mestlab edities

hosted by Mestlab31

art editions for sale, 2020


Robot Napoo

hosted by Mestlab31 during Arnhemse Uitnacht

amateur robot battles, 2020, Arnhem


Het Microbiële Zelf

hosted by Platform DIS at De Fabriek

talk & presentation, 2019, Eindhoven



hosted by Locatie Spatie

children's playground & workshop, 2019, Arnhem


Festival De Oversteek

art festival, 2019, Nijmegen


Derde Helft

hosted by Derde Wal

presentation & sport event, 2019, Nijmegen


Plugin Project

art editions for sale, 2018, NL/DE


Radboud University

installation on public toilet, 2017, Nijmegen


Betweter Festival

(collaboration with Domas Anne van Wijk)

fair, 2016, Utrecht


Bring your own beamer

(collaboration with Domas Anne van Wijk)

fair, 2015, Utrecht



installation at festival area

(collaboration Domas Anne van Wijk)

festival, 2015, Tilburg



publication, &Katern, 2015



installation for EP release

(collaboration with Domas Anne van Wijk)

music event, 2015, Nijmegen




(collaboration with Domas Anne van Wijk)

music event, 2014/2015, Nijmegen



ArtEZ, Fine Art / BEAR

2012 - 2016


University Twente, Industrial Design (dnf)

2008 - 2009

intern- & menteeships


Lucas Lenglet



Hester Oerlemans

2015- 2016


Jan Hoek

2014 - 2015


Vincent Vulsma

2013 - 2015



part of Extrapool

2021 - ...


founder and member of Mestlab31

2016 - 2022


part of circa...dit

2021 - 2022




supported by


Woest & Bijster

residency, 2022, Ede


Mondriaan Kunstenaar Project in tijden van corona

stipendium, 2021



funding for Hashara Al-Fund, 2020, Arnhem


Mondriaan Jong Talent

stipendium, 2019


Derde Wal // Social Aspects

stipendium & guiding, 2019, Nijmegen


Schloss Ringenberg

stipendium & residency, 2017, Ringenberg (DE)